As a dedicated group of Professional Photographers & Videographers with a sincere desire for education and fellowship in our industry, we provide workshops both in-studio and in the field, speakers from all over the world, and fantastic sponsors to make IEPPV great! With all that said, it’s the members of IEPPV that really make us the group we are. If you are not currently a member, please feel free to stop by and visit.

Each month our meeting features a key speaker in the photography industry teaching a variety of topics including photography skills, marketing, sales, and creative inspiration. Fives times a year (every other month) we host Image Competition. This is one of the benefits of becoming a member. Image competition is an advanced learning opportunity to improve your technical photographic, posing, and image-making skills. To learn more about Image Competition click here. IEPPV also offers full and half day hands-on workshops, classes, and social events.


Listed below are the official documents of IEPPV. Click a link below to download a printable PDF.

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Meetings take place on the third Wednesday of every month at The Old Spaghetti Factory in Riverside. Visit the calendar to see all of our great upcoming events!


Social Hour at 5:30pm / Meeting begins at 6:30pm


The Old Spaghetti Factory
3191 Mission Inn Ave., Riverside, CA 92507
(just three blocks from the museum)


IEPPV members attend for free.
Non-IEPPV members are welcome to attend their first meeting complimentary, however, there may be an entry fee of $20 for every meeting after.

Have questions? Please contact us at info@ieppv.com




President | president@ieppv.com

Nick became a keen amateur photographer shooting, developing and printing black and white prints and color slides through college. His first foray into professional photography came when he and a friend covered the collegiate rowing events at Cambridge. Nick now works a full-time photographer and shoots a range of subjects from weddings and portraits to commercial and product.


Chairman of the Board | troy@ieppv.com

As a creative and PPA Master Photographer, Troy Miller has been in the Wedding Photography industry as a full time professional for 25 years. First mastering his craft in film and later refining those skills by embracing digital capture. When Troy’s not busy capturing images, he teaches and mentors others in their businesses, techniques, and creative pursuits.


First Vice President – Educationinfo@ieppv.com

David is a people person and part-time local Southern California photographer.  Many years and events of capturing the moment, and all the moments in between. He as been a part of IEPPV since 2013, and has been on the board of directors since 2014.


Second Vice President

Stan has been doing photography since a child and was an early adopter of digital photography and editing. He has been using DSLR’s for about 4 years and has been a member of IEPPV for three years. Today, Stan primarily shoots for various symphony, opera, and other musical organizations in Southern California.


Treasurer | treasurer@ieppv.com

Christopher Jonathan Ramirez is an Enrolled Agent who balances his time working as a tax professional as well as a professional photographer. He started his career as a photographer in 2006 exclusively photographing babies and has since dabbled in many genres of photography. Currently, he specializes in photographing sports team portraits as well as high school senior portraits.


Secretary | secretary@ieppv.com

Kim began her interest in photography as a child assisting her dad developing photographs in a makeshift darkroom in one of the bathrooms at home. Later her interest turned to capturing images. She enjoys photographing landscapes as well as her many grandchildren. Currently, Kim specializes in crime scene and forensic photography.



A two-term IEPPV President, Frank is a life Member and Hall of Fame member. He’s also a CPP, qualified CA competition judge, and PPC Hall of Fame member.


Membership | membership@ieppv.com

Bri has been doing photography since 2010. After graduating from Riverside Community College in 2017, she has specialized in fashion, weddings, and portraits.


Born with a camera in her hands, Rebecca loves capturing the world as she globe-trots for her job and vacations. Her abstract pieces on various medium have found their ways into offices and homes as stylistic decor. She is also a PPA CPP Liaison and a qualified CA competition judge.


Wedding and special events photographer. Photo Booths, Green Screen Photography, and on-location event photography. Specializing in Corporate and social events photography with printing on site.




2019 – Nick Seth-Smith
2018 – David Swanson
2017 – David Swanson
2016 – Bruce Bonnett
2015 – Bruce Bonnett
2014 – Carlos Ocegueda
2013 – Troy Miller
2012 – Troy Miller
2011 – Neale Adair
2010 – Neale Adair
2009 – Jack Bohlka
2008 – Jack Bohlka
2007 – Jack Bohlka/Doug Jirsa
2006 – Cayce Newman/Chuck Jones


2005 – Cayce Newman
2004 – Rafael Munoz
2003 – Frank Peele
2002 – Frank Peele
2001 – Paul Speaker
2000 – Rafael Munoz
1999 – Tom Humphrey
1998 – Marta Pilling
1997 – Jerry Collier
1996 – Neil Rickman
1995 – Joan Rudder-Ward
1994 – John Goolsby
1993 – Vince/Geri Pavone
1992 – Bill Lofts


1991 – Dennis Jocking
1990 – Dave Hansen
1989 – Bill Thomas
1988 – Craig Carter
1987 – Ray Buchanan
1986 – Lisa Adair
1985 – Wayne Book
1984 – Wayne Moore
1983 – Chuck Johnston
1982 – Frank Van Valkenburgh
1981 – Richard Pena
1980 – Harry Kinder
1979 – Wayne Wilson
1978 – Elwyn Spaulding


1977 – William Upston
1976 – Allen Cook
1975 – Robert Sheffler
1974 – Rene Shuck
1973 – Dale Jones
1972 – Antonio Ricca
1971 – Jim Edison
1970 – Ralph Crowell
1969 – Paul Kennedy
1968 – Ted Richardson
1967 – Clint Bryant
1966 – Bob Wheeler
1965 – Tom Bernard
1964 – Frank Stiffler


1963 – Neale Adair
1962 – Milton Golden
1961 – Wm. Elmer Kingham
1960 – Bud Shaddegg
1959 – Glen Miller
1958 – Robert Frampton
1957 – Gordon Ayers
1956 – Burton Frasher
1955 – Ray Gillman
1954 – Cas Sermak
1953 – Armand La Juensse
1952 – Raye McCall
1951 – Dean Grainger
1950 – Paul Kennedy