Scholar Defined: A person who has done advanced study in a special field.


Welcome to the IEPPV Scholar of Photographic Arts Program (SPA). The SPA program is specifically designed to encourage members to be well-rounded photographers and be involved in all that IEPPV has to offer.

Our goal is to define and shape the professional standards, ethics, and education of those desiring to be full or part-time professional photographers by providing an atmosphere of learning. We will provide this through educational and informational classes, in-the-field workshops, service to IEPPV, print competition, forums, and professional affiliations.

IEPPV will provide SPA participants with support, encouragement, and structure to accelerate their education in the business and art of photography. Upon completion of the program, IEPPV will honor participants will a certificate; however, the training, skills, and experience developed during the program are the true rewards.

Participation is free. An IEPPV Premium membership is the only prerequisite for this program.

All IEPPV members are encouraged to participate!


Requirements for Completion
  • Attend IEPPV classroom workshops: 30 hours (excluding IEPPV general meetings)
  • Attend IEPPV in-the-field: 20 hours
  • Volunteer service hours to IEPPV: 25 hours (also earns you service merits) – Ask any board member how you can help!
  • Assist another photographer: 10 hours (Work together with another IEPPV member, or any photographer, on any photo project)
  • Participate in four image critique classes and four IEPPV image competitions, earning three image competition merits in any category (excluding the workshop category)
  • Attend one IEPPV board meeting


Required Reading

Click the links to review the following documents.

Code of Ethics | Image Competition Rules | Service Award Requirements


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