“Do what you love and you’ll never work a day in your life.”

It’s ridiculous that it’s already 2022. For a tiny bit of perspective, I joined IEPPV in 1994 when John Goolsby was president, I started going to board meetings when Jerry Collier was president, (I997) volunteered for my first board job when Marta Pilling was president, (1998, newsletter editor) and in 2005 when executive board member Victoria Wispell suggested it was my turn, I served as president in 2005 and 2006. To say that IEPPV, the photographic industry, and photography itself have changed almost beyond recognition since then is beyond an understatement.

When Johnny Utah sets Bodie free to surf the monster waves of the 50 Year Storm at Bells Beach in Point Break, the crushing, lethal waves Bodie (maybe) perishes riding seem just as daunting as the digital waves we are challenged with. As photographers, artists, craftspeople, business people, and just plain people. The digital revolution has changed everything that we do, and in a high-speed, bullet-train amount of time, too.

At IEPPV, it is our job as a board of directors, as members, and as photographers to ride the waves of the 50-year storm of changes to the art, craft and business of photography, day by day.

Our plan at IEPPV for 2022 is to get back to offering the awesome, hands-on, learn-while-doing, shooting, education, excursion, and fun events that have always been great for our members. Safely, smartly, with care to follow COVID protocols and California mandates, but with the main goal to bring the fun, joy, and passion for photography back for our members to enjoy.

To start the year, the January and February general meeting programs will stay online/zoom to help us weather the current Omicron blitz and CA masking mandates. The image competitions will, as always, start in March and will stay online/zoom throughout the year until November, when we will do a big, full-court-press in-person finale. Starting in April we will begin indoor in-person programs with our first big general meeting combining our traditional annual open house with a top-notch speaker, and from then on the general meetings will all be indoor in-person. We’re working on two great travel excursions, 5-6 top-notch, live, hands-on shooting workshops, and zoom get-togethers and classes on a number of topics, including image competition after-parties, image reviews, competition preps, Photoshop tutorials, lighting and posing, and much more.

Even though January will continue as online programming, you won’t be disappointed. Our featured program on the19th will be “The Power of Minimalism in Landscape Photography” by Curtis Jones, a Canadian outdoor and adventure photographer whose work is simply stunning. It’s a legitimate DO NOT MISS.

With basic and premium membership at a very affordable open house discount rate of $99 and $250, ($125 and $300 normally) it’s easy and budget-friendly to be in the IEPPV family, in the pocket, goofy-footed, riding the photography wave along with the rest of your friends.

The open house membership discount is good now through the end of the open house in April, so there’s no reason to wait. Drop-in over our membership page and renew now. Aloha and Cowabunga!

Cayce Newman