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January 14, 2016


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What happens when innovation stumbles? GoPro who were the darling of the industry for years and led by using tech and innovation appears to have succumbed to it’s own success. With a failure to release a new product and come up with new avenues of growth or additional market share, and cell phones and other image capturing devices eating into it’s market shares, they continue to plummet according to this excellent write up by Jermey C. Owens on Market Watch. Let’s hope this is short lived otherwise they could find themselves out of existence. Watch that stock portfolio closely.

My latest pick

Can’t afford that new DSLR or always wanted to upgrade your iPhone 6/6S or plus camera capabilities? This little beauty was announced at CES

  • ExoLens and Zeiss

If you like to enhance your iPhotography with accessory lenses, the new ExoLens now features high-quality Zeiss lenses for the iPhone 6/6s and 6 Plus and 6s Plus. An aluminum bracket lined with soft protective foam holds everything in place. Three lenses—a 3X telephoto, a 165-degree wide-angle, and a macro lens expand the iPhone’s viewing frame by up to 35 percent, and otherwise let you shoot scenes with a more realistic view.

The telephoto lens has an optical zoom for better landscapes and portraits. Designed as a modular platform, its standard mount (1/4-20) at the bottom lets you attach tripods and stabilizers. You can also add flash equipment and directional mics.

The companies say that the new products should be available by mid-2016, and prices have not yet been announced.

Whats new in Photography

Have that winning Power Ball ticket? Well PhaseOne the Medium Format Camera people have just release their 100 Megapixel Beast called the XF 100MP. Can you say 15 stops of dynamic range? Color Perfection? 16bit analogue feel? Clean ISO from 50 to 12800? To many other things to mention just go to their link and check out the video then start saving your pennies.

Are you a vendor?

A vendor is a person or business that supplies goods or services to a company or individual. Another term for vendor is supplier. In many situations a company presents the vendor with an order stating the goods or services needed, the price, delivery date, and other terms. In our business we think of camera stores, manufacturers, studios, software suppliers, etc. but when you think about it wouldn’t that include maybe you?

Maybe you provide portrait photography services, wedding photography, commercial photography, landscape photography, specialize in pets or children photography or video services? If your a member of IEPPV would you like to see a list of IEPPV Members on our site and the services they provide? Let us know what you think!