Inspiration Education People Photography and Views (Vol 1 Post 4)

May 18, 2016


I get inspired in different ways but I think my biggest inspiration is when I get it right. When all the elements of what I was trying to shoot and convey in the image, come together. When I look at the raw images from my camera and see something that looks interesting, is framed correctly, has the right elements of exposure, sharpness, detail and the pieces needed that makes me want to show my work. Not just to family and friends, but to the public or other photographers or in an Image Competition and then being applauded for my efforts or mentioned in comments by other about the image or technique or some other aspect I might not even had thought of. The IEPPV Image Comps can give you that feedback. The Image Comp Critique workshops where your potential entries can be critiqued are a great source of that feedback.


I remember the first time I saw one of my images on the Image Comp screen. It felt like my heart stopped and my breathing until the judges did their scores. Then the results, then the comments. I merited with my very first image. It’s a rush and can sometimes be a let down. Either way my inspiration comes from within to do better, make better images, learn more and appreciate the work of others and also help along the way as my skills mature so we can all give a littler piece of ourselves to others and hopefully one day inspire them to have the inspiration to believe in their self and inspire others.


Up coming training by IEPPV will be epic got to our events section for more topice like these below and detailed info. Remember if your a Premium member it’s included in your membership!

Cleaning your camera sensor. (May 25TH) Thats a very good one to sign up for if you do not know how, the proper gear to use and procedures so you do not damage your sensor.

Alabama Hills & Bristlecone Pines Workshop (June 3rd-5th)  A wide range of hill and rock formations near the eastern slopes of the Sierra Nevada in Owens Valley west of Lone Pine. Go to this event page for more detailed info.

Trona Pinnacles At Night (July 9th) An excellent foray into shooting night time photography and how shutter speed, f stops and iso all come to play with getting quality shots of our beautiful earth and night sky.

Understanding Histograms. (july 26th) Ever wonder what that funny bunch of curves, lines and colors in a histogram are saying to you? Learn all about it in this fabouls workshop. Every photographer should know exactly what that charts is trying to tell you!

Using Off-Camera Speedlights (Aug 28) One of my personal favorites and a sure don’t miss. If you have one or 5 off camera speed lights and triggers this is the class for you. We teach you setup, radios of light, triggering and many other aspects of using those tools in a number of different scenarios.


IEPPV had many award winners at this years PPC awards ceremony and two of the top 10 in Californis our President Bruce Bonnett #4 and Jerry Stevenson #8. Please check out our post on the subject and congratulate the winners and other members who competed in this years event when you see them.


Below are some of my favorite articles and links to subjects that our members might find useful as they advance their skill sets from around the web.

Shooting 7 head shots on 1 wall with 1 model (By Tony Hoffer on PetaPixel

Family Portrait Tips and Tricks by Rebecca Bennett on the Picture Correct Site

How to remove reflections in eye glasses by DL Cade on the Petapixel site

How to soften harsh shadows on a color image by Dzvonko Petrovski on the Light Stalking site



Shoot, Shoot, Shoot, Learn, Learn, Learn, Practice, Practice, Practice. If your not doing any of these, reading about it, discussing it, looking at other peoples work, asking questions, failing and succeeding, budding up, trying new things, not being afraid to hit the delete key, showing your work, teaching what you know, learning what you don’t and knowing your gear. You must! No amount of online videos, articles, magazines, books or other sources can compete as well as working with others. Interacting with others. Doing things hands on. This is why we encourage you to become and IEPPV member.