Inspiration Education People Photography and Views (Vol 1 Post 5)

August 18, 2016

In this installment I was to strictly talk about Photography. After seeing Kristi Sutton Elias last night at the August monthly meeting I have come to realize that I can do what ever I want to do with my photography and not worry about the judges when submitting an image or the thoughts of others who just don’t get it. I will let my freak flag fly and try to use the skills I currently possess and new ones I acquire to my best advantage. Just like the ones a lot of you are obtaining this year from all the IEPPV training classes you have all been attending. So staying in that theme of doing and thinking outside the box I want to take this time to provide all of you some interesting things I have found that help me and I hope all of you!


First up and A simple and effective setup for one light portraits. I found this article interesting and helpful because #1 it’s cheap and effective. #2 It was easy to understand #3 You can do this at home with a single light.


Canon or Nikon Shooter? Ever wondered what this lens abbreviations mean and how to decipher them? Here is the skinny on that one! The folks at PetaPixel have put together a guide check it out! Lens Guide


Need some light modifiers but like most of us don’t have much cash? Try Interfit’s new line of affordable light modifiers Interfit Article I believe Image One is an interfit dealer too! Tell them IEPPV sent you and maybe you can get a great deal!


Got hard crappy light? This PetaPixel article by Ben Sasso on “How I process Hard Light and overwhelming tones” just might do the trick. I know I have taken shots and went Og My God what did you do! Once I read this and went back and tried a few of them I am no convinced that I may never throw away a shot again (just kidding)!


Last but not least, ever wondered How to create proper shadows in Photoshop when doing commercial shoots for pro products or even your eBay items? This excellent article and video fro fStoppers can help you with the struggle!


I hope you find these articles and thing useful like I did!