Inspiration Education People Photography and Views (Vol 1 Post 6)

September 2, 2016

In this installment I will add some interesting things about items that are possibly our future with iPhone cameras replacing your DSLR? The new Apple computing devices and displays coming. Could an Acer laptop replace your mac pro? Tips for posing (always a hard subject for me especially after watching Troy Miller the Jedi Mater) pose people. Maybe this will help some of our members. A sharpening workflow for the free Nik Collection. Using Lightroom virtual copies. Did HP just build the mac mini killer? Stay tuned for more interesting photography information complied from numerous reliable sources around the web!

First up will the new iPhone7 and iPhone 8 next year replace your dslr? Some folks think yes here is the link from

Are you a windows user but have design envy for the Mac Book Pros used by tons of professionals photographers? Here is an article on the new Acre Laptops that make those Mac Pro’s look fat! Acer Article

Are you an Apple fan boy like a lot of photographers? Here is a sneak peek at what everyone thinks is coming at the Apple announcement next week from the Digit News Desk. New Apples Article.

Worried about taking up to much storage with Lightroom? Learn how to use virtual copies using this Digital Trends link!

Do you use the free Nik tools from Google? Here is a great article on a 3 step sharpening workflow for you! Nik Article Link

Did HP just build the mac mini killer? It is called the HP Elite Slice. To see what this slice tastes like use this link from the Mac Observer!