Ken Sklute Canon Explorer of Light “Seeing the Unseen”

February 18, 2016

At IEPPV’s monthly meeting we had the opportunity to hear Ken Sklute speak he is one of a small number of Canon’s Explorers of Light. Ken put on a great presentation on “Seeing the Unseen” where he talked about how to he approaches photography by looking for the details and perspectives that make him unique. We had over 178 interested photographers and admirers of Ken’s work in attendance. We have included a few photos of the night so everyone can remember what a fine speaker and teacher Ken was and his lively personality. We are working on additional information from last night but wanted to get out a small part of this wonderful night for you all to enjoy and relive if you were there.

IEPPV at RCC Ken Sklute-58

Seeing the Unseen

IEPPV at RCC Ken Sklute-7

Canon Explorers of Light

IEPPV at RCC Ken Sklute-21

Steve Brazill Board Member and MC for the night

IEPPV at RCC Ken Sklute-27

Troy Miller IEPPV Board Member and Ken Skulte’s good friend

IEPPV at RCC Ken Sklute-30

Troy Miller discussing Ken and his accomplishments before the introduction

IEPPV at RCC Ken Sklute-31

Ken Sklute and Robert “Bob” Fletcher discussing images on Bob’s phone.

IEPPV at RCC Ken Sklute-33

Ken watching and listening to Troy’s introduction

IEPPV at RCC Ken Sklute-47

Ken explaining his methods and sharing with all

IEPPV at RCC Ken Sklute-51

How Ken sees things

IEPPV at RCC Ken Sklute-56

Ken explaining how he got his start

IEPPV at RCC Ken Sklute-64

One of Ken’s shots from his NHRA career

IEPPV at RCC Ken Sklute-66

Ken explaining the intangibles and what he sees

IEPPV at RCC Ken Sklute-67

Another one of Ken’s spectacular NHRA shots

IEPPV at RCC Ken Sklute-72

Ken’ story about the man and his cars and a touching moment he had in creating this image

IEPPV at RCC Ken Sklute-76

Ken testing the newest Canon with 3 other type A Canon Explorers of Light and he had to get the shot in 15 minutes.

IEPPV at RCC Ken Sklute-83

Talking with an RCC student at the end of the show as MC Steve listens too

IEPPV at RCC Ken Sklute-87

More G&A time with Ken and MC Steve