Member Profile – Amelia Durham

March 29, 2016


What is your name


Amelia Durham

Amelia Durham

Do you have a social media presence you would like to share with us? (please include the actual links) Website Twitter Instagram Facebook


How did you develop an interest in photography?

Taking classes at MSJC in Menifee, I was doing web design and hated how much I had to stay indoors. Photography was exhilarating but challenging to me and I took every class twice to understand the basics.


Can you describe that “moment” (experience, emotion,) when you knew that photography was something you just had to do?

It was less of a “moment” and more something that I slowly realized I was going to be doing anyway. I fantasized a little about going pro but wasn’t sure until people began to helpfully “pester” me to stop calling myself an amatuer when I shared images online. That really helped boost my confidence.


What is the one thing you wish you knew when you started taking photos?

I had some difficulty understanding which lens was the best for me. I wish I’d started out with higher quality lenses, they make such a difference!


Do you have any formal training?

Yes, most of my training is formal and I have a couple of mentors who’ve really been there for me since the beginning.


How do you educate yourself to take better pictures?

Practice like crazy, keep taking classes, never think that I know “enough”, push myself to do things that are more difficult rather than what just comes naturally.


Among your works, which one is your favorite? Why?

My portrait of our dog Ami, it’s as big and any of the human portraits in our house. It was one of my first good studio shots and of course the subject is very dear to me.


Whose work has influenced you most?

Amy Dawnelle, Brandy Pellegrino, Lilia Parker, Scott Robert Lim, Bev Hollis, Scruffy Dog Photography, Dog Breath Photography, Roberto Valenzuela, and I am fans of them all!


What is it that interests you most about photography?

The subject matter and environment, shooting outside in nature is my preference. Nature/landscape itself as the subject is great and add a pet or animal then, even better!


What are some favorite things about being a photographer?

The people I meet and connections I make. The focus on seeing light and the world just a little bit differently than most do.


What are some challenges you’ve encountered?

I was very shy my entire life, photography made me talk to people and while I actively avoided as many as I could, they kept asking to be in my photos!


How has photography influenced you as a person?

It’s taken me way out of my comfort zone and brought much personal growth as a result.


If you could take your art in any direction without fear of failure or rejection, where would it lead. What new thing would you try?

Well I am trying something new right now so let’s talk again in the future!


Do you find yourself always looking at the World wondering how it would look as a photograph?



What would be some tips you would give to a beginning photographer?

Don’t be so scared and don’t rush, look at your work closely and write down what you need to work on, then practice it!


How can you inspire others to get into photography?

I think by just talking about it almost constantly!


When did you join IEPPV?

4 years a member now.


Why did you join?

I love my group in San Diego, PPSDC but needed something more and a bit closer to home.


What type of membership member are you?

Pro but I highly recommend Premium you get some cool perks.


Do you enter IEPPV Image Comps?



Have you ever merited or won a category?

Yes, Pets & Digital


Have you ever gone to an IEPPV workshop?



If yes, What are your feelings on the workshops, instruction quality, value?

They are always fun and since I have a smallish learning disability I find they give me more info than I can actually absorb. I aim to come home with 1-3 really good tips to absorb and implement, so rest of the time, I can just relax and enjoy.


Have you attended an IEPPV shoot around?



What are your feelings on those?

Good times, baby.


Do you have ideas for a shoot around or workshop you would like to see?

Outdoor with animals naturally.


What kind of gear do you use? (just major pieces to keep it short)

  • Camera 1 or more bodies – Canon 5D Mark III
  • Lens – 50mm, 24-70mm, 17-40mm
  • Tripod – Manfrotto
  • Flash – Scott Robert Lim Strobes, Paul C Buff’s Einstein
  • Filters


banyan-pet-photography-siamese-cat banyan-pet-photography-pit-bull banyan-pet-photography-mastiff banyan-pet-photography-keyhole banyan-pet-photography-daschund