Member Profile – Steve Brazill

March 18, 2016


What is your name?

Steve Brazill


Steve Brazill – Photographer and IEPPV Board Member

Do you have a social media presence you would like to share with us?

Web Site:

Twitter: @razz2 (

Instagram @stevebrazill (





How did you develop an interest in photography?

My son was in marching band in High School, and I needed to get photos of him on a football field – from the stands.


Can you describe that “moment” (experience, emotion,) when you knew

that photography was something you just had to do?

I emcee the Riverside Summer Concert Series an decided to photograph some bands I was working with. I was hooked.


What is the one thing you wish you knew when you started taking photos?

How to choose the right gear for the type of photography you do. I bought the wrong lens when I started. I went for the variable aperture 70-300 instead of the fixed f/2.8 70-200 thinking 300 was better than 200. Shooting nothing but low light, the variable aperture caused a steeper learning curve.


Do you have any formal training?

Not really.


How do you educate yourself to take better pictures?

I study the images of other Live Music photographers I admire.


Among your works, which one is your favorite? Why?

Wow. The answer I like to give is that my next good shot is my fave. Honestly, that is so tough to choose. If I was forced to pick, it would be between my Black & White Rob Zombie and my Judas Priest guitarist shots.


Whose work has influenced you most?

The music photographers whose work I always check out are Christie Goodwin, Adam Elmakias, Anthony D’Angio (Flex), Danny Clinch, Todd Owyoung and Brad Moore. I will mention non-music photographers I admire, and that is IEPPV’s own Troy Miller.


What is it that interests you most about photography?

The tech of it all. I am a geek, a Network Engineer by trade – old time MCSE – so I love the gear.


What are some favorite things about being a photographer?

I shoot concerts, also some martial arts fights, but mostly concerts… the front row is almost always behind me. 😉


What are some challenges you’ve encountered?

Live music photography is tough. You get 3 songs, no flash, to capture the defining moments of a show. Most of the time the light is virtually non-existent, and when it is, it usually seems like the lighting director is having a bad day and wants everyone to know it. Solid red or green lights that clip quickly. The subjects, meaning the artists, are usually swinging hair and jumping or running too. So you end up shooting anywhere from 1600-6400 ISO to try and keep a fast enough shutter to freeze the performer. All of those challenges are EXACTLY why I love music photography.


How has photography influenced you as a person?

I’m not sure it has.


If you could take your art in any direction without fear of failure or rejection,

where would it lead. What new thing would you try?

I would become a tour photographer.


Do you find yourself always looking at the World wondering how it would

look as a photograph?

Not really, but I look at CD photos, live music photos, and band / artist promo photos and wonder what I would have done differently.


What would be some tips you would give to a beginning photographer?

Stop worrying about noise. We all do it, and sometimes it makes you choose the wrong settings because you want to keep the noise down – and then your shot is soft. A noisy sharp shot is ALWAYS better than a clean blurry shot… always. Some of the most iconic images of our life, of the 20th century, and nothing but noise – and yet we love those photos. As my friend Rick Sammon says, if people look at your shot and notice the noise, then maybe something else is wrong with your image.


How can you inspire others to get into photography?

The best way to inspire others is to help them see great images, and it could be your images, my images, or a great photographer online. Seeing creativity is inspiring.


When did you join IEPPV?

January 2015


Why did you join?

By accident. In October of 2014 I did a presentation for IEPPV based on my Live Music and Fight photos. After that, Troy Miller invited me to see an Image Comp, which in turn trigger a desire to socialize with other photographers.


What type of membership member are you?



Do you enter IEPPV Image Comps?

Oh yes! My fave part of being a member!


Have you ever merited or won a category?

Yes, I have merited, won the Photojournalism Category of the night, and I was the 2015 Photojournalism Photographer of the Year.


Have you ever gone to an IEPPV workshop?

Sadly no. My schedule is kind of crazy.


Have you attended an IEPPV shoot around?

Same as above. I see so many I would go to if I could, but my schedule doesn’t allow.


Do you have ideas for a shoot around or workshop you would like to see?

I can suggest anything? I would like to photograph on the Space Station. I will watch the website for that one.


What kind of gear do you use? (just major pieces to keep it short)

• Camera 1 or more bodies – Canon 7D & 5D Mark III

• Lens – Canon 10-22, 24-105, 70-200, 50, 100 Macro

• Tripod – Gitzo GT1541T & Induro CT-314

• Filters – I only use Polarizers when needed, and I have B+W Polarizers for all my lens sizes.

• Flash – Canon EX430II

• Camera bag – ThinkTank Airport International v2 & various other ThinkTank & Lowepro Bags.

• Mention others, if any. I love my ThinkTank Belt system!


Some photos Steve wanted to share with our members and the public

Mayhem-06-29-13-913 Edit

Mayhem with Rob Zombie





Self Help Fest






Self Help Fest



Knotfest with Judas Priest