Member Profile – Troy Miller

April 5, 2016


What is your name

Troy Miller


Do you have a social media presence you would like to share with us? (please include the actual links)

Web Site –
Instagram – Spicyjello (personal) ImageryConcepts (Business)

How did you develop an interest in photography?

My wife bought me my first camera, Minolta X-370, a lifetime ago.

Can you describe that “moment” (experience, emotion,) when you knew that photography was something you just had to do?  

I had been dabbling in photography for several year and knew I loved it. This was back in film when it was extremely expensive to experiment but I knew it was the creative outlet for me. Sometime in 1991 while working construction, I decided I was building swimming pools was not what I wanted to do. Photography became my new focus and I never looked back.

What is the one thing you wish you knew when you started taking photos?

I wish I already had some art background. Understanding light, composition, posing and how elements of a flat image work on our visual minds would have helped me greatly in what I was struggling to create.

Do you have any formal training?

No formal trying for me. I’m very much self taught. I have studied other photographers and had a mentor along the way. I believe there is no better way to learn the art and business of photography than a mentor.

How do you educate yourself to take better pictures?

I have a very clear vision as to what I like and I “figure it out”  I do go to trade shows like WPPI and PPA to find inspiration. I also have a small circle of photographer friends that help inspire me.

Among your works, which one is your favorite? Why?

I have few favorites. I generally am dissatisfied with my work. I always see more I want it to be. The first image that came to mind when reading the question, was an image I made of my daughter when she was less than a year sitting on a pile of CD’s grinning.

Whose work has influenced you most?

Ansel Adams, Galen Rowellp

What is it that interests you most about photography?

It’s a creative way to represent a vision. To share a suggestion of what I see in my minds eye with others is amazing. We all see the world differently, I can show a little of what I see through my photography.

What are some favorite things about being a photographer?

The process of creating art. Be it a portrait or something more abstract. I’m continuously being creating. I am very visual and photography is nearly all visual.

What are some challenges you’ve encountered?

Photography is an ever fluid industry. Technology has truly burden the art of photography with image management and basic editing just to see an image. On the other hand, technology has freed the creative kracken. We can now create anything we see in our minds eye! Keeping up with the tech that drives photography today is one of my biggest challenges.

How has photography influenced you as a person?

Photography has allowed me to express the creative visions that I have. I photograph people how I see them. Most of all, photography has allowed me to meet and grow from so many people that I would otherwise never had a chance to meet.

If you could take your art in any direction without fear of failure or rejection, where would it lead. What new thing would you try?

Without a doubt I would love to be a fine art photographer. Creating whats in my maelstrom mind without fear of how I am going to buy the groceries.

‘Do you find yourself always looking at the World wondering how it would look as a photograph?

I actually see the world how I would edit it. If I were to capture any part or piece I know how I want it to look on photographic paper.

What would be some tips you would give to a beginning photographer?

Shoot, Shoot, Shoot, Shoot….. Learn your gear.  Know what your camera will capture without having to look at the image on the computer or the back of the camera. To many photographers rely on the ending process and tech to make their images good. Also, learn to “Pre visualize” your images before pressing the shutter. Don’t shoot and “hope” for a good image.

How can you inspire others to get into photography?

Support a creative drive and vision in someone. People are inspired when they are excited and have a direction to go.

When did you join IEPPV?

The first time I joined was in 1995ish.  Was a member for about 3 years and rejoined in 2007

Why did you join?

Both time I joined to find inspiration. I wanted to be around people that spoke photography.

What type of membership member are you?

Having served as President 2 consecutive years I have an honorary lifetime membership.

Do you enter IEPPV Image Comps?

I do.

Have you ever merited or won a category?

I have merited and won in all our current categories.

Have you ever gone to an IEPPV workshop?

I do when then allows. I like to hangout with my IEPPV friends as much as possible.

If yes, What are your feeling on the workshops, instruction quality, value?

2016 is by far the best year I have personally experienced.

Have you attended an IEPPV shoot around?

I have. Shoot arounds are great to just hangout and be with friends.

What are your feelings on those?

Love the shoot arounds. Great social time.

Do you have ideas for a shoot around or workshop you would like to see?

Not currently

What kind of gear do you use? (just major pieces to keep it short)
•    Camera 1 or more bodies –  Nikon D5 and D4s
•    Lens – Primary lenses used are (Nikon): 70-200 2.8, 24-70 2.8, 120mm macro, fisheye, 24-120, 85 1.8 (my fav)
•    Tripod – Gitzo and Really Right Stuff.
•    Filters –
•    Flash – Nikon SB-900 and SB-5000
•    Camera bag – To many bags to mention. Current favorite is a top load Tamrac Stratus 21
•    Mention others, if any. –  Spider Holster is essential to my workflow.


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