2020 Open House

Image courtesy of Colin Finlay

Join us for our 2020 Open House to learn what IEPPV is all about and receive significant sign-up discounts. We have an amazing 2020 calendar planned that you don’t want to miss!

All of our events are geared to guide and educate all levels of photographers. Regardless of your skill level, IEPPV can and will motivate you! So come visit see what we’re all about! Our Board of Directors will be available to answer any questions you may have regarding our membership levels, schedule of events, and how to get you connected in IEPPV.


Guest Speaker: Colin Finlay

Infinite Potential in the Photographic Realm

This year, f64 Live is providing Colin Finlay as our Open House guest to speak on the “Infinite Potential in the Photographic Realm”—The deep dive into who we are as creatives, surrounded by limitless potential and where we go from here. The landscape of photography has changed and continues to change, and the question is… Where do we go from here? Colin will explore and share his 30-year journey so far.

Click to watch Colin’s TED Talk


About Colin Finlay

“My photographic career is owed to the people, the landscapes and the animals that I have knelt before. I am witness, I am empathy, and I am compassion. I honor all of those with whom I have shared time within this beautiful world. I am who and what I am because of you. One word exemplifies each and every breath that I take on this earth, and that word is gratitude.

I have been blessed with many awards and accolades, Tiffany Crystal Eagles, Emmy nods and a Knighthood. At the heart of my journey is the evolution of soul, transcendence. I’m simply in pursuit of living an authentic life. One filled with the joy of love, music, photographs and the written word. The effortless search for the divine in all that we do.”


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