Portrait Lighting and Pose Through the Lens of History – The Present and the Future

This month’s speaker, Tim Meyer, will take you on a whirlwind tour of the iconic, historical images that have shaped modern portraiture and will focus on the creative elements of portrait lighting and posing. He will explore the origins of today’s styles and a potential vision of the future of our constantly changing industry, not only for portrait artists, but lifestyle, fashion, and editorial work.

This class is designed with the intermediate to advanced photographer in mind, or anyone with the curiosity to seek the genesis and potential of the art.

You will leave with a solid introduction to professional portrait photography skills, how to apply them with style and craftsmanship, and with an understanding of how the history of portraiture impacts our work today.



Meet the Instructor – Tim Meyer

Tim Meyer is a PPA Master, Craftsman and a PEC Approved Juror. He has worked as a full-time portrait/wedding photographer for 35 plus years. In addition, Tim’s writings on photography and art have been published as a magazine and online content and his book, The Portrait, Understanding Portrait Photography, now in its second edition, has been adopted as a textbook at numerous colleges.

As an academic educator, Tim holds both a Masters and an MFA in art and photography and taught at numerous southern California colleges including full-time for 12 years at Brooks Institute.


Sample of Tim’s Work

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