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 Registration: OPENS April 6 / CLOSES April 15 @ 6pm

From Our Instructor, Frederick Van Johnson:

“Whether or not you intend to make a business out of your passion for photography, merely existing in today’s “connected” world means there are several mindset shifts you have to be prepared to accept, and in some cases master in order to participate in what I call the “social median”. We are all content creators, and regardless of motive (profit or not) the end goal is to have others see and enjoy the fruits of our work. But with so many options for sharing, marketing and promoting, it’s hard to “see the forest for the trees…”.”

In this presentation, Frederick will share an overview of the world of marketing and social media, from a content creators perspective. You’ll discover some ways to automate, simplify and focus your efforts so that you can spend more time actually creating!


What he’ll cover:

  • Marketing versus Bragging
  • Automating your social posts… and when not to
  • Owning your “friends”, instead of borrowing them from Facebook
  • Focusing your message, stay on target
  • How often should you be posting? Daily? Weekly?
  • WHAT should you be posting?
  • Email is dead, long live email!
  • Owning your niche
  • Making the jump from amateur to pro (should you?)


You’ll leave this session with lots of actionable tools and techniques to help you become a more Creative Solopreneur.

Please Note: This is a webinar-only class and will be hosted online so that you can attend in the comfort of your home, office, or wherever you might be! You will receive a link to join the webinar along with helpful instructions upon registration. Have questions? Please contact



Meet Frederick

Frederick Van Johnson is a professional photographer, host of “This Week in Photo”, and founder of the TWiP Network – one of the world’s most popular photography-related podcast media properties. Frederick also consults on marketing with a number of photography industry companies.

Frederick began his career as a Combat Photojournalist in the United States Air Force, where he served for 8 years, and was decorated many times for photography. After the military, Frederick went on to study visual communication at the University of California in Santa Barbara, California.

Highly knowledgeable on multiple disciplines of photography, technology, and Internet trends – Frederick is able to discuss how emerging trends and technologies effect and benefit both amateur and professional photographers.

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