The Do’s and Don’ts of DSLR Video Production

Guided by instructors Genaro Arroyo and Peter Marr, this two-hour seminar will prepare you to start shooting High Definition Video with your Digital Single Lens Reflex (aka DSLR) or Mirrorless Camera.

Packed with informative and insightful tips, you will learn the basics of camera settings, color control, camera motion, and post-production workflow. We will talk about everything from frame rates to shutter speeds as well as post processing, compression, uploading and how all of these items affect the “look” of your finished video.

The topics we cover in this course are applicable to any DSLR or Mirrorless camera that shoots video. After this seminar, you’ll feel much more comfortable with shooting video with your DSLR camera.



Meet the Instructors


Gernaro Arroyo

Genaro “Flaco” Arroyo currently teaches technical classes for Canon USA in the Cinema and Photography Divisions. He works full time for Canon USA as a  “Professional Market Specialist” and he offers training and support to many professional photographers in the sports, news, and wedding industry.

Some of his clients include photographers from the Los Angeles Times, the Arizona Republic, the National Football League, etc. In the last 12 years, he has shot multiple music videos, short stories, and feature films, working with MTV, ABC, NBC and independent production companies.



Peter Marr

Peter works at Canon USA as a Pro Market Specialist in the Innovation Division with over 15 years experience in the Professional and Consumer Video/Cinema Division.  He is also a Cinematographer, Director of Photography, Camera Operator, Producer, Actor, Host and stand-up comedian in his spare time.

His training and experience in the cinema industry includes: Camera Operator on 21 feature films and Cinematographer/Director of Photography on 2 made-for-television mini-series.





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