Fine Art Dog Photography

This is a Level 2 event | Image courtesy of Diane Costello of Fog Dog Studios

 Registration: OPENS May 15 @ 4pm / CLOSES June 6 @ 6am

Are you wondering how to get award-winning photos of your dogs? Are you interested in adding Dogs to you your knowledge base? Join Diane Costello of Fog Dog Studios for a fun morning of working with and photographing dogs.

Topics to cover

We will be covering important fundamentals of working with dogs on location, including:

  • Creating a safe environment for you and the dog
  • Working with an assistant vs. putting the owner to work
  • Working with different types of dogs
  • What makes dogs act/react and how to read them
  • Posing and lighting
What to bring
  • Camera / Lenses
  • Lighting / Strobes / Speedlights
  • Patience
  • More Patience
  • Even More Patience



Meet Diane Costello

“I have been photographing people, places and things for over 25 years, and eleven years ago I found my niche—Photographing dogs. After earning my Master of Photography and CPP through Professional Photographers of America in 2016, authoring “Top Dogs – Portraits and Stories” (available through Amazon) in 2017, Photographic Craftsman in 2018, and both the Master of Photography and Service Medallions from PPC in 2019, I continue to grow and learn and teach as much as I can whenever I can!”

Check out Diane’s work

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Sample of Diane’s Work




Limited to 20 attendees



What does a Level 2 event mean?

Each of our events lists a recommended level of experience (1-3). By categorizing our events using this method, we hope to better inform you of what you need to know and how to best prepare so that you can get the most out of your attendance.

level 2 event means that the instruction will be focused on intermediate and advanced techniques. Attendees are also expected to have a good working knowledge of their gear and/or software.

  • i.e. Camera Knowledge – White balance, ISO, lens choice, DoF, flash function, and the exposure triangle.
  • i.e. Software Knowledge – Importing images and software navigation


Please Note: Anyone is welcome to attend any class level, however, the pace and content may not be at your current skill level. If this is the case, please expect to attend with the expectation to observe rather than engage. As with all of our educational events, we will always make every effort to accommodate all attendees regardless of their experience level.


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