Introduction to Focus Stacking

How many times have you shot something small and been forced to choose which part of the subject will be sharp? Or found a beautiful landscape and had to decide between the flower in front of you or the mountains in the distance being in focus?

Join us for a look into the world of focus stacking. Nick Seth-Smith will take you the process of deciding if and when to focus stack, how to take the shots and options for processing the images afterward. We will then do a live shoot and finally we’ll process the images using two different software solutions.

  • When does it make sense to focus stack?
  • F-stop selection
  • Focus adjust vs. moving the camera
  • Processing the images
  • Photoshop
  • Helicon focus
  • Quick demonstration of shoot and process
  • Hands-on shooting


In the demonstration I will shoot an object twice – once adjusting the focus by hand and once on macro rails. I will upload both sets of images to the laptop and then process them twice – 1 in Photoshop and 1 using Helicon Focus. I will also talk about how to focus stack by hand for those who really like that sort of thing!


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