General Meeting

 Everyone is welcome to this event! No registration is required.

As our June meeting overlaps with the PCC’s West Coast School, we thought it would be fun to have a day full of shooting. We will have 2+ hours of instruction at various sets with an open shooting time at the end.

Reminder: This is a workshop and images captured or created from images captured during the workshop will only be eligible for image competitions “Workshop” category.


There will be 4 lighting sets to shoot.

  • Full Studio Lighting: This set will teach the techniques to use in a full “Strobe” studio environment.
  • Mixed Lighting: This set will explore the use of hot lights and mixing strobes
  • Hot Lights: As in the strobe studio but with Constant Light
  • Challenging Light: We will step away from conventional lighting and look at the challenges with adverse lighting and how to deal with it.


Your instructors will be:

  • Troy Miller
  • Bob Fletcher
  • Neale Adair


Models will be provided. Please bring your cameras. Please do not bring tripods and personal lighting, although on camera flash and reflectors are ok.

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