Get in Action! (Session 1)

Image courtesy of Donn Parris  |  This is a Level 1 event

 Maximum 5 Registrants   |   *This workshop has reached maxiumum capacity*

High School Sports Photography Workshop

Frosh or JV Football

Follow our guest instructor, Donn Parris, on location to photograph high school athletes in action. In a small group setting, Donn will tailor to your needs while you photograph the fast-paced, action-packed games of football, volleyball, or water polo.

This is a hands-on, on-location shoot. To maximize your experience at this event, each workshop in this series of 3 is limited to one timeslot per person. If you’re interested in inquiring if additional slots are available for sign-up after the close of registration, please contact

What to Bring
  • Your gear (i.e. camera (s) and lens(es)—No need to rent or purchase any thing new)
  • Sunscreen


*Important Notes: Please dress as you would for your own professional client shoot.

For critique and post-processing, please sign up for the follow-up class on September 28



Meet the instructor

Donn Parris is a regular contributor to the sports media — from Minor League Baseball (MiLB) to MaxPreps. His images have appeared in Sports Illustrated Kids (SIKids) and The Athletic via AP Sports.

He specializes in portraits, news, features and sports for editorial, corporate, and advertising clients. His versatile skills allow him to serve a wide range of clients in amateur and professional sports, entertainment, publishing, education, financial services, city, state and local government, retail, non-profits, and many more.


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Sample of Donn’s Work






What does a Level 1 event mean?

Each of our events lists a recommended level of experience (1-3). By categorizing our events using this method, we hope to better inform you of what you need to know and how to best prepare so that you can get the most out of your attendance.

level 1 event means that the instruction provided will be focused on beginners and intermediates, so no previous knowledge or experience of the topic is expected.


Please Note: Anyone is welcome to attend any class level, however, the pace and content may not be at your current skill level. If this is the case, please expect to attend with the expectation to observe rather than engage. As with all of our educational events, we will always make every effort to accommodate all attendees regardless of their experience level.



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