The Day That Made a Difference

Image courtesy of Michael Coutts | “After the Storm”

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Injection Molding, Swimming Pools, and Attempted Suicide

In this program, Bob Fletcher, Troy Miller, and Michael Coutts will discuss the day they found their purpose and sanity in photography. Each has a unique story while all three being interconnected. Join us and hear how each person’s personal challenges and goals brought them to photography and why they started their business as they share their successes and failures.



Meet our Speakers


Bob Fletcher

Bob began his professional photography carrer in January 1970 by learning the old fashion way of mentoring with established photographers such as Bill Stockwell, Rocky Gunn, Monte Zucker, David Peters, and many others.

In the late 1990’s, Bob started using the early Kodak/Canon digital hybrid cameras and was immediately hooked on digital photography. Around that time he also started working for Canon USA as a Freelancer, a relationship continues to this day. Throughout his career, Bob has mentored beginners in the art and business of photography so that they too could make a living from something that they love to do.


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Troy Miller

Based in Southern California, Troy Miller has been involved in all facets of photography from weddings to fine art. Beginning their days in film, he and his wife Marjorie launched their primary business, Imagery Concepts, 25+ years ago and have been involved in the professional photography industry ever since. To exercise his creativity, Troy captures fine artwork through a variety of textures and natural elements ranging from ocean waves to flames.

When he’s not creating art, Troy dedicates his time to furthering education within the industry through various organizations such as IEPPV, f64 Live, TWiP, and other outlets throughout California. Whether it’s through public speaking, teaching, or judging, Troy works to further the craft and professionalism of the photography industry.

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Michael Coutts

“Cutting through the negatives of life with the thought-provoking artistry of imagery”.

From a young age, Michael Coutts, a photographer based out of Southern California, was fascinated with the camera. However, it took many years until he would answer his calling. Through career changes and life challenges, he has ended up in a fascinating moment of life with a camera as his voice. Mike finds his home in street photography and has an ability to connect us to the people we would most likely not want to meet. Through his unique way of storytelling, he invites you to the doorstep of your own demons. His edgy style brings you in and inspires you to become the person you lost under all the crud of life.


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Disclaimer: This presentation contains discussion relating to suicide and may be difficult for some audiences. If you or someone you know is struggling with thoughts of suicide, please reach out to the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-8255.

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