Image Competition

 Registration: OPENS May 1 @ 6am / *EXTENDED* CLOSES May 12 @ 6am

Image Competition provides an amazing opportunity to hone and share the photographic skills that make up your art. Competition is not always about winning. The very nature of competing will drive you to improve all the skills needed to create superior work. Winning is just another perk of competition, the real reward comes from growing your skills.

Notice of changes

As we dive into 2019, our goal is to open participation for some of our events through the use of live webinars, which includes transitioning our Image Competitions to a fully online experience using the IEPPV YouTube channel.

By making this change, we hope to bring in the very best judges from throughout the US and extend the learning opportunity to those who could not previously attend in-person.

Image Competition rules

Click here to view our updated Image Competition rules.

Award announcements

Scores: To be announced for each image during the live Image Competition

Awards: Category winners and the best of show winner will be announced in-person at the general meeting scheduled during the week of the Image Competition



Meet our judges


Steve Brazill

Website  |  Instagram  |  Facebook  |  Twitter

Steve Brazill is a Southern California based Music Photographer, and the host of the Behind the Shot podcast. Along with being the past House Photographer for San Manuel Casino, Steve shoots for rock radio station 96.7 KCAL FM, where has also been on the air since 1987.

Steve is a past IEPPV Photojournalist of the Year, and does a popular presentation on his Concert Photography.


Sean Capshaw

Website  |  Instagram  |  Facebook

“The best part about being a photographer, is that every day is different. I can find beauty in most anything. I might choose a garden, wooded area, park or sometimes an urban alley or an industrial area like a junkyard. Anything can be amazing, if you light it right.”


Stephen Scharf

Website  |  Instagram  |  Facebook

A scientist by profession and a photographer by avocation, Stephen has been a professionally accredited motorsports photojournalist since 2003. He’s currently one of the track photographers for Sonoma Raceway, covering all their professional motorsports and racing events for photojournalism, PR, and media purposes.

His professional focus is real estate and architectural photography and his artistic focus is landscape, urban exploration, fine art, and documentary street photography.




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