Image Critique Class

Our image critique classes are intended to help you prepare for image competition. The class will be run like a mock image competition, as images will be critiqued and the judges will make suggestions on how to improve the image. Even if you do not plan to compete, these classes offer some great insight into what makes a great image.



A maximum of two images may be submitted. Images must be submitted as follows:

  • JPG format
  • sRGB color space
  • Sized to 4000 pixels on the longest side at a resolution of 200 pixels per inch
  • Saved at a quality level of 10
  • Less than 3.5MB in size


Images must be emailed to by 5:00pm on Tuesday, October 25th prior to the class.


  • Premium IEPPV Members = FREE
  • Introductory and Professional IEPPV Members = $20
  • Non-IEPPV Members = $30



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