The Art of Photojournalism

Image courtesy of Steve Brazill | “Not Mick Jagger” | Best of Show & Best of Photojournalism, IEPPV Image Competition, March 2018

 Registration: OPENS May 24 / CLOSES June 7 @ 5:30pm   |    This class is free for all IEPPV members

Our image category classes are designed for those interested in improving their image(s) in efforts to earn Image Competition merits (score of 80 or above) in a specific category. Each session will feature an instructor that will guide you through the core principles of composition, exposure, final capture, and post-process editing that will elevate the quality of your image(s).

For this class, join our guests for a candid discussion about photojournalism as they share what photojournalism is to them and how it affects their photography and the art they create.

As this is an open-forum webinar, please submit your questions (general or specific to a guest) to


Troy Miller

Troy of Spicyjello will be your host and share some of his perspective on shooting weddings in a photojournalistic style that best tells the wedding day story. Troy has won several awards from PPA to IEPPV and PPC for his wedding and fine art imagery. Being a PPA Master Photographer and specializing in weddings, Troy will share what it takes to create and be creative in the photojournalistic environment of a wedding.


Frederick Van Johnson

Frederick of TWiP began his career as a combat photojournalist in the United States Air Force where he served for 8 years and was decorated multiple times for photography. Having photographed all over the world and making a living as a photojournalist, Frederick is uniquely qualified to share his perspective and experience.


Steve Brazill

Steve is an award-winning live music photographer and has been in the entertainment industry for several years. Steve has been competing at IEPPV for just over 2 years, winning Photojournalism of the Year and collecting numerous merits and scores in the 90s for his live concert work. Steve is also a well-respected judge for other affiliates such as PPLAC and PPSDC.


Peter Levshin

Peter is an award-winning travel and landscape photographer that has captured parts of the world many people will never see. Over the last several years, Peter has won several Best of Show awards for his Landscape and Photojournalism photography as well as Photojournalism of the Year for IEPPV in 2017.


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