June General Meeting – Dual Hands-On Instruction

Something a little different!

For our upcoming June meeting, we have an exciting hands-on learning opportunity. Two shooting sets will be created featuring instruction from Troy Miller, giving you the best tips and tricks for shooting in the pouring rain, and Nick-Seth Smith demonstrating how to create beautiful portrait lighting with less than $1,500 worth of gear.

Bring your cameras (no tripods or light stands please) and be prepared for some fun! There will be numerous opportunities to capture some great shots.



Troy Miller – The Weather vs. Your Shot

Have you ever wanted to create a killer photograph of a truck in the rain? Well, that’s exactly what we are going to do. Don’t worry, Troy will be the one teaching and getting soaked, camera and all. He will be going over how to best prepare, narrowing the concept for your shot, lighting, posing and how to work when the weather is against you.

Bring your gear for safe and dry shooting at a distance.




Nick Seth-Smith – Portrait Lighting Without Breaking the Bank

We have all seen portrait demonstrations with tens of thousands of dollars in high-end lighting equipment, beautiful sets, and complex setups. Nick will take an alternative look at the same challenge and create a portrait using no more than $1,500 of equipment, including the camera. This is a chance to see that your work doesn’t have to reflect your equipment budget.

Left – Example of Nick’s Portrait Work





If you would like to purchase a meal during the meeting, the cost is $10. Payment is accepted at the meeting (cash only).

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