The Elusive Landscape

This is a Level 2 event

 Registration: OPENS February 6 @ 6am / CLOSES February 20 @ 6am

Composing & Creating Powerful Landscape Images

Known for his emotional and evocative imagery, our guest instructor and award-winning photographer, Dan Holmes, will share with the class his secret recipe—i.e. the What, Why, Where, and How in using compositional elements to create powerful landscape and nature photographs.

There will be a 30-minute lunch break—Please bring your own lunch.

Topics to Cover
  • Major compositional elements – the What
  • How to use compositional elements in your photography – the Why
  • Identifying compositional elements in photos and artworks – the Where
  • How to look for and find compositional elements in nature/life/studio – the Where
  • How compositional elements work – the How
  • Incorporating compositional elements into your photographs – the How
Agenda for the Day

This full-day class will have 3 segments:

  1. Spend time discussing how to create powerful landscape and nature photographs with examples from places throughout the world
  2. Editing and finishing photographs using Lightroom and Photoshop
  3. Image critique of participants’ photographs—We will randomly select photographs submitted by participants for critique and discussion


All image submissions will be due by February 20th at 5pm. Full submission instructions will be included in your email registration confirmation.






DHHolmes_130902_3496_KM_700x800Meet Our Instructor

Dan Holmes travels the world exploring, discovering, and telling stories with light. He is in the top tier of landscape and nature photographers, with national and international awards. Known for his emotional and evocative imagery, he takes great pleasure in teaching about photographing in the natural world. His photographic workshops cover creating powerful photographs, digital workflow, field workshops and photo adventure tours. He leads photo workshops in Alaska, Asia, Africa, the western US, and South America.


Sample of Dan’s Work



What does a Level 2 event mean?

Each of our events lists a recommended level of experience (1-3). By categorizing our events using this method, we hope to better inform you of what you need to know and how to best prepare so that you can get the most out of your attendance.

level 2 event means that the instruction will be focused on intermediate and advanced techniques. Attendees are also expected to have a good working knowledge of their gear and/or software.

  • i.e. Camera Knowledge – White balance, ISO, lens choice, DoF, flash function, etc.
  • i.e. Software Knowledge – Importing images and software navigation


Please Note: Anyone is welcome to attend any class level, however, the pace and content may not be at your current skill level. If this is the case, please expect to attend with the expectation to observe rather than engage. As with all of our educational events, we will always make every effort to accommodate all attendees regardless of their experience level.



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