Let’s Talk Image Competition

Image courtesy of Peter Levshin

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Image competition can either be fun and exhilarating or confusing and terrifying — It’s all about how you approach it. This program is all about helping you find your approach and purpose when competing in image competitions.

Join our 3 panelists:

  • Troy Miller: Your host and a 30 year full-time wedding professional, educator and PPA Master Photographer
  • Michael Ryno: Landscape photographer and current president of PPC (Professional Photographers of Colorado)
  • Peter Levshin: Professional fine art and travel photographer and PPA Master Photographer


We’ll also discuss what going through the process of earning a Masters looks (the good and the bad) and what challenges someone like Michael Ryno faced pursuing his Masters.

Please submit your questions to troy@ieppv.com ahead of time to make sure they get answered.

As this will be an interactive webinar, if you would like to interact with the group, please make sure to have your cameras and audio ready to go.



Meet Our Guests

Michael Ryno

Michael is a landscape, nature and wildlife photographer based in Highlands Ranch, Colorado. He purchased his first DSLR camera in February 2016 to capture outdoor photos while hiking and fly fishing in the mountains of Colorado. His Nikon Z7-2 and an infrared converted Nikon Z5 cameras are always with him during outdoor adventures. Michael also enjoys photographing cityscapes and has recently taken an interest in portrait and dog photography.  

Michael is currently President of Professional Photographers of Colorado and serves on the board of Lone Tree Photography Club where he was President during 2020 and 2021.  



Sample of Work



Peter Levshin

Peter Levshin was born in Sydney, Australia and has lived in Los Angeles since 1988 with his wife, Linda, four children and six grandchildren. Peter came from a creative family — His father was a painter and his mother designed ceramics, pottery, as well as tapestries.

Peter’s photographs are simple, ethereal, mystical and always have a dramatic atmosphere. He captures bold colors that make a statement, yet the simple subjects create a sense of drama. Peter wants the viewer to feel a connection with his artwork.



Sample of Work






Meet Our Host


Troy Miller

Troy Miller as a creative has chosen wedding photography as his full-time profession for over 25 years. Having earned his Masters of Photography from PPA, he’s received numerous awards throughout his career. Troy is also the creator of f64 Live, an annual photography event providing educations and experience for photographers of all levels.

Troy is also a regular feature on the This Week In Photo (TWiP) community and does a regular image critique with Frederick Van Johnson, the owner of TWiP. When he’s not photographing brides or creating art, he can be found in his shop creating art with other mediums such as welding, fabricating, ceramics, or just lighting things on fire.


Troy’s Social Links

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