Macro Photography

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This program and hands-on experience will give you the jump-start you need to discover the sheer joy of doing macro the smart way. Here are the highlights:


  • You want to get into macro photography with a modest investment in equipment. We’ll explore ways to achieve high image quality without that $1,000 macro lens. Amazingly, there are optics that were designed for excellent macro imaging that can be picked up for pocket money – if you know what to look for.


  • You want to master the challenges of limited depth-of-field in close-up work. You’ll learn techniques to make the most of short depth-of-field as well as effective ways to get more depth-of-field when you need it.


  • You want to have fun with your new-found skills. Bring your camera, tripod and any macro gear you may already have. But don’t let any lack of equipment hold you back: for Canon and Nikon shooters, there will be lenses and accessories available for you to experiment with. This is definitely a hands-on workshop!


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