Micro Adjusting Lenses

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This class will teach you the various methods of micro adjusting each of your lenses to each of your camera bodies. There is a “learning curve” to understanding how to micro adjust your camera and lenses. Attendance to this class will shorten that learning curve.

Bring your camera with a freshly charged battery, a couple of your lenses, CF or SD cards, a sturdy tripod and a willingness to listen and learn.



Cameras and lenses are manufactured on assembly lines and tolerances apply to that process.

If you’re lucky, you get a camera and lens that are both spot on, or are “off” by an equal amount in the same direction and life is good. If you have multiple lenses and/or bodies, chances are one or more will need some micro adjustment.

The other factor is depth of field (DoF) – the wider the aperture, the shallower the DoF. With relatively narrower apertures, such as the f/3.5-5.6 range commonly found on consumer zoom lenses, the DoF is deep enough to mask minor focus errors, so micro adjusting is not as important in those cases.

In addition, because fast lenses achieve a shallow DoF, even small focus errors are very evident. Also, with the newest higher resolution chips, small focus errors become even more pronounced.  Prior to the availability of micro adjusting, the only option to correct these issues was to send camera(s) and lens(es) into the manufacturer and you had to send your entire kit to them.

No camera will consistently produce a perfectly focused image every time at every distance, and no adjustment procedure will change that. What a proper micro adjustment can do is increase the percentage of shots that are correctly focused.


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