Serenity in Landscape Photography

Image courtesy of Kai Gradert

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Building a portfolio and crafting your skills the slow way

In a world where instant gratification is all around us, we have to take a step back to appreciate the journey. Join us for this discussion with our guest, international still and timelapse photographer Kai Gradert, as he shares his journey of picking up the camera, learning the craft of photography, and building a portfolio while working a full-time job and raising two kids.



Meet our guest

Kai is an international still and timelapse photographer from California. He specializes in landscape, nightscapes, and motion control timelapse photography.

Kai’s passion for nature becomes unambiguous in his work. His work is simple, clean and timeless. His work has appeared in commercials, documentaries, magazines and television productions from around the world.

After earning an engineering and design degree in Germany, Kai relocated to the United States where he worked as a product designer with notable brands like Apple, Adobe, Intel, Lego, and Google among others. His combined background in physics, engineering, and design uniquely qualify him to combine art and science.

Kai’s Social Links:

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