Software Class #2

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From the instructor, Troy Miller

“As a full-time photographer for nearly 25 years, just over half that time has been digital. I remember the simpler days when I didn’t have to manage my data, color correct, print, manage social media and on and on. Today the biggest hurdle I see in becoming a photographer isn’t the photography itself, it’s managing all the baggage that’s required.

I will try to guide and ease your way into which software works for me and how I use it. I am an avid software consumer, so I’ve tested more than my fair share and own more than I could ever use. The workflow philosophy that I’ve developed and the ultimate decision factors of how I choose software all depends on simplicity and efficiency of workflow.

Each class will build on the previous. I will show my workflow and the software I use as well as the countless alternatives. My goal will be for you to have a complete workflow from shoot to print. Bring your laptops, images, and questions. Be ready for some homework! Those who register will receive an email with images and some homework to get you started.”



Class #1: Post-Shoot – February 26th

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Class #2: Editing – April 12th

For Troy, editing and tuning his images are where his vision meets the real world, trying to have his software get out of his way. He will share his personal approach to editing, software used, and share some variations.

We’ll go over how to process images through:

  • RAW tuning
  • Editing and tweaking

…using C1, LR, Camera Raw, etc.


Homework: Edit the class images to tell the best story with each other and as a group.


Class #3: Exporting for print, web, etc. – June 28th

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Class #4: Q&A Discussion and Wrapup – August 30th

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