Iron Horse Steampunk Carnival

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Grab your goggles, parasols, top hats, corsets and jump into your airships to head over to the Orange Empire Railway Museum on March 19th for an extraordinary festival celebrating the fantasy, history and ingenuity behind Steampunk. Enjoy the festivities as we pay homage to the Victorian Era, Edwardian science fiction, and the Industrial Revolution with the museum’s steam-powered locomotive as the backdrop.

Events include steam locomotive and vintage trolley rides, shows and concerts by Steampunk entertainers. The carnival will further include a Steampunk fashion show, Steampunk workshops, Steampunk artisan displays, handiworks, steam-driven contraptions and imaginative gadgets, as well as lots of eats.

IEPPV members are welcome to photograph the costumed models, the locomotives, the box cars and all the machinery in the yard, along with all the special events the carnival has to offer.

The museum is requesting that images be emailed to the models and to the museum after the event. As a professional photographer, you will be requested to sign a release at the gate that states you will pay a 15% commission to the OERM if images are sold for commercial use.


  • Premium Members = No charge
  • Introductory & Professional Members = $75


Entry costs include admission to the event, daytime shows and entertainment, rides on the train, and vintage trolleys, plus access to museum exhibits.

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