Surf Photography

Image courtesy of Sharon Lobel | This is a Level 2 event

 Registration: OPENS July 9 @ 6am / CLOSES August 23 @ 6am

Don’t miss this hands-on workshop with National & State accredited Master Photographer and Photographic Craftsman, Sharon Lobel, on how to shoot surfers in action.

Attendees will meet on the sand between Tower 42 and The Surf Cafe, 4119 The Strand, Manhattan Beach. Look for the open tent with rainbow wind sock. (Enter to the El Porto parking lot on 45th street off of Highland Ave in Manhattan Beach. The parking lot opens at 6:15 am. Please be sure to pay the meter.

We will have SIGMA on hand to let you try out there latest sports lenses and more!

*Sunrise is at 6:22 am. Please arrive on time and be ready to have a fun time at the beach!

What to bring
  • Camera
  • Polarizer
  • Tripod
  • Lenses
  • ND Filter
  • Beach Chair
  • Blanket to lay your gear on
  • Sunscreen
  • A hat
Important information
  • Carpool is recommended
  • There are restrooms and food conveniently located on the beach (lunch will not be provided)



Meet our instructor

Sharon Lobel, M.Photog, Cr., M-PPC, S-PPC, is a National & State accredited Master Photographer and Photographic Craftsman. She is a self-taught landscape, nature, wildlife, ocean, and surf photographer.

With endless places in the world to photograph, Sharon is always ready to set off to find another adventure.  “Don’t let her city girl looks fool you because she had rather pitch a tent and hang out on the side of a mountain than go shopping any day!”


Sample of Sharon’s Work







What does a Level 2 event mean?

Each of our events lists a recommended level of experience (1-3). By categorizing our events using this method, we hope to better inform you of what you need to know and how to best prepare so that you can get the most out of your attendance.

level 2 event means that the instruction will be focused on intermediate and advanced techniques. Attendees are also expected to have a good working knowledge of their gear and/or software.

  • i.e. Camera Knowledge – White balance, ISO, lens choice, DoF, flash function, and the exposure triangle.
  • i.e. Software Knowledge – Importing images and software navigation


Please Note: Anyone is welcome to attend any class level, however, the pace and content may not be at your current skill level. If this is the case, please expect to attend with the expectation to observe rather than engage. As with all of our educational events, we will always make every effort to accommodate all attendees regardless of their experience level.


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