The Amazing World of 3D Art

Image courtesy of Joshua Sommerfeldt

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Join our host, Troy Miller of f64 Live, as we learn the in’s and out’s of 3D artwork in DAZ Studio Pro with our guest, Joshua Sommerfeldt.

Created in 2005, DAZ Studio Pro is a free piece of 3D rendering software that allows for the creation of 3D scenes renderable as both still images and animated videos. 3D assets can be purchased from the DAZ market, 3rd party vendors, or imported from other modeling software such as Blender or zBrush. The software comes with two powerful render engines, 3Delight and iRay and has the ability, either natively or via a plugin, to export in file formats recognized by most major pieces of 3D software. 

The price point, versatility, availability of premade assets, and tutorials make DAZ ideal for users of all skill levels.

What we’ll cover

  • The basics of DAZ Studio Pro
  • How to acquire premade assets
  • Demonstration on how to set up a simple 3D-rendered scene


Sample of Joshua’s 3D Artwork


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