The Copyright Zone

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Photographer Jack Reznicki and lawyer Ed Greenberg will team up, without a net, to balance on the high wire of legal issue explanations for photographers and artists. 

This discussion hosted by Troy Miller and Steve Brazill will be conducted in “plain English,” with almost no legalese being used or abused. They will discuss what is copyright, explain some changes in copyright registration requirements, the CASE act, problems arising with having second shooters, model release issues, and many other topics in this potpourri of legalities. Topics may change as they always like to cover new topics that crop up last minute in the news. 

Topics they’ll discuss:

Subject to change based on time.

  • What is Copyright
  • Why is registration of copyright important?
  • What to know about the CASE Act
  • Model release issues
  • Topics in the news recently, like an online Sockpuppet credit scam
  • Q&A


Be sure to bring your burning questions to ask our guests!




Meet our guests


Jack Reznicki

Jack Reznicki is a commercial photographer and one of the original Canon Explorers of Light, based in New York City. His creative problem solving has helped promote products and services for many Fortune 500 companies. An internationally popular lecturer and teacher, he has also written four books, several columns, and many articles on photography.

Ed Greenberg

A graduate of New York Law School, Ed Greenberg has represented and litigated on behalf of photographers, photojournalists, artists, creators, and illustrators out of his New York City office for over thirty years.


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Meet our hosts


Troy Miller

Troy Miller as a creative has chosen wedding photography as his full-time profession for over 25 years. Having earned his Masters of Photography from PPA, he’s received numerous awards throughout his career. Troy is also the creator of f64 Live, an annual photography event providing educations and experience for photographers of all levels. When he’s not planning f64 Live or photographing brides, he can be found in his shop creating art with other mediums such as welding, fabricating, ceramics, or just lighting things on fire.



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Wedding Portfolio | Fine Art Portfolio | Youtube | Instagram



Steve Brazill

Steve Brazill is a Southern California based live music photographer, host of the Behind the Shot Podcast, emcee, voice actor, and on-air personality at 96.7 KCAL FM. He also does a series of live streamed image critique shows on the podcast with macro photographer Don Komarechka. As an educator, Steve does speaking engagements on live music photography, and classes for Princeton Photo Workshops.


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