Travel Photography – Create a Lifetime of Journeys

Anyone who has read National Geographic, watched the Discovery Channel, spent time in a movie theater, read a book – has mental images of places, people and cultures throughout the world. Travel transforms these mental pictures into something real, and photography brings them home.

In his presentation, Dan will entertain, educate, and inspire in this journey we call life and photography. He will lead us on a visual journey through some of our most amazing places, discuss how to create powerful imagery, and leave you with the desire to get out, discover, and photograph in this wonderful world of ours.

Dan will talk about travel photography: people, cultures, place, landscape, nature; and a bit about trip planning, gear, processing, showing; and more.

Climb aboard that magic carpet and take a voyage! Nepal, Africa, Bolivia, Alaska or Indio – the destination doesn’t matter – just go! Take your camera along and add to your own Lifetime of Journeys!



DHHolmes_130902_3496_KM_700x800Dan Holmes

Dan Holmes travels the world exploring, discovering, and telling stories with light. He is in the top tier of landscape and nature photographers, with national and international awards. Known for his emotional and evocative imagery, he takes great pleasure in teaching about photographing in the natural world. His photographic workshops cover creating powerful photographs, digital workflow, field workshops and photo adventure tours. He leads photo workshops in Alaska, Asia, Africa, the western US, and South America.

Dan is past President of the Channel Islands Professional Photographers Association, a California Master Photographer, a PPC Fellowship member. His awards include PPC Nature, Landscape, & Photojournalist Photographer of the Year; Kodak Gallery Award; 4 Time California Top 10 Photographer, Black and White Spider International, Creative Asia and others. He has been published in Outdoor Photographer, ProPhoto West, Runner’s World, Cycling News, 805 Magazine, and is represented by Getty Images.


Sample of Dan’s Work




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